The Bandra East Community Centre (BECC) was founded by the Nobertine Fathers in 1974. As a registered NGO, the BECC looks solely at the upliftment of the people devoid of conditions that aide or boost socio-economic development. The BECC works for slum residents or pavement dwellers without considering the cast, religion and creed of those in need. The BECC cares for those who have been marginalised by the society or are battling with the lows of life.

To spread hope, compassion and support the marginalized, the downtrodden and the disadvantaged and reassure them that we are all born equal as God’s own children, created in His image in His kingdom, where no one will be deprived of food clothing and shelter.

To promote community cohesion and unity by catering to the social, education and recreational needs of the individuals, families and the community.

Our Projects Include →
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Tuition Classes

Children from the slum areas, who cannot afford to pay fees for tuition are given coaching since 2006. Extra attention and guidance for slow learners is also taken into account and ensured by the teachers.

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Sewing Classes

Sewing classes help teenage girls, who come from the slum areas and have no source of livelihood, in acquiring a new skill and procuring work. Many girls have benefitted from this endeavour since 1988. This project is aimed at promoting entrepreneurship for women.

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Computer Classes

To get any entry level job learning computer is very significant. Keeping this in mind BECC started a computer class in the year 1999 to provide digital literacy to adolescents and youth staying around Bandra east slums.